BRIDGE is a tale of absolution splashed against a sci-fi backdrop. It explores the broken bond between two brothers and the machine that drove them apart.

Set in the height of the rocket age it tells the story of Reis, two years after the disappearance of his brother, Verne. Now succumbing to manic episodes and strange delusions, he’s been placed under house arrest and ordered to attend court-appointed therapy as he waits to be tried as the only suspect in his brother’s disappearance.

Reis weaves a tale of pure science: giving intimate details about BRIDGE, a machine capable of bridging parallel worlds, and his brothers selfless act as the projects first human test subject.

However, Reis’ story begins to unravel as Doctor Mitchum questions the validity of his story, and ultimately, his mental state. Mitchum suspects that Reis’s mental health is unstable and questions whether Bridge exists or if it’s the manifestation of something bigger. A deep fugue state.

The audience is left to question’s what’s real and what isn’t as we delve deeper into Reis’s scattered memories. Science and suspense blur as the truth of BRIDGE is revealed in a cosmic display that spans the gap between sci-fi and horror.

Run Time: 15 minutes